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Operational Programme Employment and Social Inclusion

National Project: Qualified employee of the Tax Administration – a benefit for the whole society

The Project was realized by the Tax Directorate of the Slovak Republic. On 1 January 2012 the former Tax Directorate and Customs Directorate have merged and the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic was established.

The focus of the Project was on training of tax administration employees and its activities realized since November 2009 until April 2011. The financial arrangement of the project was completed in 2013. The benefit of the project can be seen in the increased level of the employees´ capabilities which can lead to the future effective, functional and client oriented organisation that is ready to unify the process of tax, customs and contributions collection. There were 3 499 tax administration employees trained within the course of the project.

This project was financed from the European Social Fund within the Operational Programme Employment and Social Inclusion.

Europen social fund                         Employment and Social Inclusion                         European union                         Financial Administration

www.employment.gov.sk [nové okno]
www.esf.gov.sk [nové okno]

The aim of the project: Increase the quality of human resources in order to transform tax administration into the client oriented institution ready to provide services of a higher quality.

Measure: 4.1 Increasing the Quality of Services provided by Public Administration and Non-Profit Organisations


  • European Social Fund
  • Finances of ESF and state budget in total of 100%

Beneficiary: Tax Directorate of the Slovak Republic, succession organisation since 1 January 2012 – Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic
Date of the contract signature: 26 June 2009
Project realization: June 2009 – October 2011
Budget approved: 4 011 472 €

Target group: Tax Administration employees

Activities – Project Slovakia

Activity 1: International Accounting Standards
Activity 2: Transfer Pricing
Activity 3: ECDL
Activity 4: Human Resource Management
Activity 5: Language Education
Activity 6: Economics and Law

There were 3 184 financial administration employees trained within the above mentioned activities.