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Economic Operators' Registration and Identification system (EORI)

EORI – Basic information

EORI (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification System) is a unique system of registration and identification of economic operators and other persons that perform business activities in the customs territory of the European Union.


Entities that are legal persons or that have the capacity to perform legal acts but lack the legal status of a legal person and, in the course of their business, are involved in activities covered by customs legislation need to be assigned an EORI number. Each entity may have only one EORI number to be used, as required, in all communications with any European Union customs authorities. Economic operators should apply for an EORI number before they start activities covered by customs legislation, e.g. before they start their export or import operations.

Economic operators established in the customs territory of the Union should always be registered in the Member State where they are established. Even if the first operation takes place in another Member State, economic operators must ask the Member State in which they are established to assign them an EORI number.

Economic operators not established in the customs territory of the Union will be registered by the customs authority of the Member State where they first expect to perform activities covered by EU customs legislation. If it is the Slovak Republic, you can apply for the registration by filing in an electronic EORI application below (click on button Request for registration). As an attachment you should attach the supporting documents of their existence in law – a recent extract from the register of companies or any other proof from a country they are established not older than 6 months.

The supporting documents must be officially translated into the Slovak language by a certified translator. A list of certified translators can be found here: ttps://
If a country is not a member of Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (hereinafter "the Hague Convention"), each page of document must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country in which the entity is established (the procedure of legalization). Subsequently, it is necessary to submit the document to the so-called superlegalization at the embassy of the Slovak Republic in the country where the entity has its registered office. List of countries of the Hague Convention can be found here:

If you have been assigned a VAT number in any Member State of the EU you should provide it in a registration form as an identifier.

Consent for publication of EORI - data

The EORI data are transmitted to the EORI database (EOS) of the European Commission. The customs authorities of the member states of the Union or other Economic Operators can consult this database to verify whether an EORI number does exist. By choosing an option Yes in an electronic form you are giving your consent to display your EORI - data (name and commercial address) on the European EORI website [new Window]. Whether or not you give your consent does not in any way effect the handling of customs formalities.


The Slovak Republic does not assigned an EORI number to Natural Persons, however they have to be registered into the Central Register of the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic. In some cases, if required by EU legislation, the EORI number can also be assigned to natural persons. Natural persons with a residence permit in the Slovak Republic do not have to fill in an application form. They only have to fill in correct form of an identity number (with „slash“) from their residence permit in the customs declaration. The registration will be processed automatically. Natural persons without a residence permit in the Slovak Republic have to fill in an application form with an address of their permanent residence abroad. For the registration click on the button Request for registration.


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