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Declaration of Accessibility

Website www.financnasprava.sk fulfils all the basic accessibility standards for public administration information systems assigned by the act of The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic on Standards ISVS No. 55/2014 Coll.

The website is created with respect to the maximum accessibility of content and functionality. The website is accessible even after turning off the display of images, cascading style sheets (CSS), with a slight limitation even with Java and JavaScript sequences. The website is defined in relative units and its contents can be easily zoomed in and out using standard web browsers tools.

Files are published in supported standard formats. Many files on this website are published in *.PDF format, as a result of implemented typographical elements and formatting, which are not supported by web-format XHTML, or due to their size and further processing, when is for users more convenient to download to their local computer. To view these documents is necessary to have installed Adobe Reader, which is freeware and it can be downloaded from the Adobe site. Other files are in *.RTF format and they can be viewed and edited in the most commonly used text editors. Multiple files are published in the *XML format, which can be edited in any spreadsheet on your computer. Graphic files are mainly in the *.JPEG and *.PNG format. The website in the process of electronic delivery supports all basic standards defined by the act of The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic on Standards ISVS No. 55/2014 Coll. The website has a built RSS module, which can receive short text messages of news and updates with continuous demand. The website is regularly validated by service W3C for HTML Transitional 4.01 and CSS.

In case of any problems with accessing the website please contact the website technical support available from each sub-page.

The administrator and operator of the portal content is The Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic.