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Online communications is enabled for the following areas

  • Technical support for electronic communication
  • Individual income taxes of non-business entities in the areas of
    • Taxation of income on the sale of immovable property
    • Taxation of income on the lease of immovable property
    • Taxation of income on the sale of movable things
    • Exempt amounts of taxable income
    • Filing of tax returns
    • Application of tax credits
  • Value added taxes, namely
    • Basic VAT related concepts
    • VAT registration
    • Immovable property related services
    • Filing of VAT ledger statements
    • Immovable property related services
  • Customs duties

The call centre of the Financial Administration provides information based on tax laws and customs regulations without assessing specific accounting operations and business case documents, as well as without assessing concluded contracts.

Logo Skype for BusinessYou also can communicate with the call centre of The Financial Administration via Skype for business. The service exclusively concerns technical support for electronic submission of documents. You do not need to have a subscription to use the service; it only requires an e-mail invitation from a consultant of our call centre to activate it. The exact procedure you can find in the document "Skype for Business of the Financial Administration Client Guide" [.pdf; 2,30 MB; new Window; only Slovak language].

No information is provided on:

  • personal accounts of tax payers
  • tax identification numbers
  • financial situation of tax payers

Seat of the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic

Lazovná 63
974 01  Banská Bystrica

Organisation ID: 42499500