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The eTax app

The eTax application is used for electronic communication with the tax administration.

Non-registered users can use the eDANE application to fill in and print tax documents. The application itself incorporates line checks, recommended value insertion and also allows import and export from and to XML format.

It provides authorised users with the possibility of electronic delivery of the tax document to the tax administrator and viewing the history of electronic communication for entities to which the user has a valid authorisation.

For more detailed information on e-filing, see DAC7 User Registration.

Instalation eDANE/Java app

The eDANE/Java application is designed for users of multiple Windows operating system platforms and Linux and Mac operating system distributions.

This version contains a complete list of electronic documents and is identical to the list of electronic forms that are published on the Portal of the Financial Administration (PFS) in the Tax and Customs Forms section.

The list of forms in the eDANE/Java application is the same as in catalogue of electronic forms except for the forms Complaint and Complaint - CReg Entity, DAC2/CRS Notification.


The eDane Java application is AVAILABLE on this page only after installing the D.Launcher 2 application available on the [new window] in the Downloads - UPVS" [new window] section.


Electronic communication

  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) or lectronic Mark (EZ) - signed electronic delivery agreement

Within eDane/Java, the certified signing module D.Signer/XAdES/Java is used.

Technical prerequisites on the client's side

  • D.Suite or D.Launcher 2
  • For more information about this app, please visit Central Government Portal [new window],
    (Note: eDANE/Java does not support 32bit versions of GNU/Linux)
  • Web browser
  • Adobe Reader 9 and later pdf file viewer.

If you are using a PROXY server, these addresses must be enabled: