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Representatives of the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic

President of the Financial Administration
Brief CV: Jiří Žežulka, president
2020 Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic,
2016 – 2020 APOGEO Group SE,
Manager, Partner for Tax Policy and Tax Disputes
2016 – 2017 High Prosecuting Attorney´s Office in Prague,
Analyst of the Most Serious Economic Crimes Unit
2010 - 2015 General Financial Directorate of the Czech Republic,
Deputy Director General,
Director of the Risk Management Section,
Head of the Department for Combating Tax Evasion,
2006 – 2010 Financial Directorate Ústí nad Labem,
Director of the Tax Office Česká Lípa,
Head of the Tax Audit Department, Tax Office Žatec
Vice-President of the Financial Administration
Brief CV: Michal Šoltes, Vice-President
2021 Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic,
2003 - 2020 EOS KSI Slovensko, Ltd.,
Managing Director,
2001 – 2003 Groupe SEB Slovensko, Ltd.,
Country Manager, Managing Director,
1999 - 2001 DITEC, Llc.,
Financial Director,
1997 - 1999 ABB, Ltd.,
Country Controller,
1995 - 1996 Arthur Andersen, Ltd.,
Tax and Legal Department Assistant.
Iveta Hodásová
Acting Director General, Personal Office
Iveta Grossová
Director General, Tax Section
Juraj Kecskés​
Acting Director General, Customs Section
Rastislav Gábik
Director General, Anti-Fraud and Risk Analysis Section
Romana Miková
Acting Director General, Economic Section
Petr Vincenz
Director General, Inspection and Internal Control Section
Lukáš Sojka
Director General, IT Section
Miroslav Homola
Director, Criminal Office of the Financial Administration
Dana Hlaváčová Vanková
Acting Director, President's Office
Denisa Židová
Director, Change Management and Legal Support Division
Richard Dírer
Director, Centre of Communication and Customer Care
Organizational rules of FD SR [.pdf; 966 kB; new Window, only Slovak language]
Scheme of organizational rules of FD SR  [.pdf; 160 kB; new Window]