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Limits for import of non-commercial goods

Type of non-commercial goods

Other than air or maritime

Air or maritime transport


40 pcs

200 pcs

small cigars

20 pcs

100 pcs


10 pcs

50 pcs

tobacco for smoking

50 g

250 g

or reasonable combination

or reasonable combination

spirits with alcoholvolume above 22%
or non-denatured alcohol with
alcohol volume of 80% or more

1 l

1 l

spirits with alcohol volume
not exceeding 22%

2 l

2 l

or reasonable combination

or reasonable combination

still wine

4 l

4 l


16 l

16 l

The relief for the tobacco products and alcoholic beverages shall not apply for persons younger than 17 years of age.

perfumes and eau de toilette

no limitation in quantity, however, within the limits of financial value


500g coffee or 200g coffee extract and essence


100g tea or 50g tea extract and essence

mineral oil

built-in tank + 10 l in portable tank

total value of the imported goods per person






Caution: In order to apply the financial limits, the value of an individual product may not be divided or summed up. Non-commercial goods mean any goods in a passenger´s baggage imported from third countries, if the goods are determined for passenger´s personal consumption or personal consumption of his household or having the character of a gift, provided that the character and quantity of products may not raise suspicion that they are imported for business purposes and the import is realised on occasional basis only. The passenger is obligated to report and submit the goods to the customs authority.

Period during which the customs debt should be paid

The period is stipulated in the law (Art. 221(1)(a) VNCK) and may not exceed 10 days of the date when the debtor is notified about the amount of the customs debt.

Form in which the customs debt may be paid

  • in cash, provided the debt is not in excess of EUR 1659.70, at the relevant customs office or its branch office,
  • by a cash slip at the branches of the Slovak Post,
  • by bank transfer from an account with the bank or foreign bank´s branch.